" ...though we travel the world to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us, or we find it not "
Emerson (1803-1882)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Contrasts are rife this time of the year!

Woke up to blustery snow this morning... whilst was in - almost - t-shirt and short trousers 2 days ago.  The SUN is back and the spring is fighting to assert itself.

Enjoy here, this medley of contrasting pictures and the joys of spring/winter!

Spring here? (note the bare soil, trees not exactly green but poking through snow... and the blue skies and sun... absence of full-body-armour-clothing...etc., etc.)

The local hills - sun and blue skies. Couldn't be better!

Meanwhile. Back home at the house... 
Bruno the dog is assessing the warmth and comfort of dry grass versus soggy spring snow!
Bring on the summer!  Lazy dog days...

 Back on the local hills around town: lapping up the sun!

Or winter, in its full glory still?

Trip up to 1206m and a very very long 10km uphill slog to get there.  As I said to Per, halfway up, "this is one big hill, this one".  It was.  And it was cold and winter up there.  But worth every laboured step up there - fantastically beautiful views and great visibility due to the cold air!

Storstett, the big hill there is 800m-odd alone.  We are steadily making progress up beyond this.
My house is just under the foot of Storsteet ;)
[Storsteet is the dramatic table-top mountain towering over Storslett (see the first picture of this post)]

Storsteet, the hill to the centre left there... looks like a wee hill from up here!

Hello Storslett, down there!

Back down at sea-level, later that evening: 
distant peaks as seen in Storslett.... memories of the day's ski adventure :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

...sleeping rough

Sometimes we unwittingly plan for events out of the realm of our planning.  All plans lead to new plans, is another way of saying this. Such as when we pack pulk and tent and head for the hills on a late Saturday afternoon.... one supposedly-simple plan in mind.

It is an unseasonally mild March here, and Saturday was no exception, with torrential rain on Friday evening followed by a balmy, sunny Saturday morning with spring distinctly 'in the air'.   I made plans to go camping anyway and the pulk was duly packed and loaded into the back of the van.

It is no secret that if you travel 50km up a valley away from the coast inland the climate should be better... so, with rain spitting at me down in Storslett centre, I headed for the hills, fingers crossed!

I collected my trusty, loaned four-legged companion, Taiga, on the way up to my destination at Sarafoss and we started out at about 16.30.  17.30 and we had actually located a good camp-spot, sheltered from a slight breeze, and with plenty of deadwood for a fire later.

Then: the realisation I had forgotten my tent poles!  PEGS you can improvise with, in a forest, but POLES.   Oh dear!

I was disheartened at first, but made ready a bivouac.  It's a pleasure to sleep out, in late spring - but March?  Are you kidding?!? However, with the forecast as mild, no precipitation, I hunkered down for the night.  Taiga was completely confused by the experience, having expected either: a) a ready hut, b) a cozy tent.  But she and I enjoyed a mild, balmy night.  No moonlight, simply stars so thick you couldn't even recognise familiar constellations...and Northern Lights a-plenty.   No photos of the fore-mentioned stars and aurora (which was spectacular in the early hours [alas! no camera at hand ;)]) but here are some photos of our bivvy and a day of sun! sun! sun! afterwards.  Yes, on Sunday we returned up to Carravarri summit for a really hot day out, t-shirts and sugar-snow!  This route is also mentioned a few posts back, when we'd said 'goodbye sun' in November on the very same top :)  Note the contrasting pictures, in terms of light and sun!

An evening of warmth in the snow

 One happy-enough camper, having survived her night without a) hut, b) tent! 

 Simple, yet effective design to the roof.  The tree-bough was in perfect position.

Puppy-power to the summit - almost there! (note the cairn...)

March 2015 - this is now
November 2014 - that was then...

  I love this summit :) - in all seasons!

 Looking southwards, the sun noticeably higher in the sky than back in November!

Reisadalen northwards to the coast (~50km to the sea)

Reisadalen southwards towards the vidda (~40km to the valley's head)

Descent back to the pine-forest - the snow was perfect

If you look closely at this picture, you can just-about see the tiny location of the camp-site. 
A truly naturally-sheltered spot!

Here you can clearly see the orange pulk and the branches of the bivvy-site :)

Less than 24 hours of unexpected plans that worked out well  

And I couldn't resist these few extra shots taken on the drive back down to the town...

The mountain here reminds me of the famous Mt. Thor,
when I hiked Baffin Island back in 2003 :)

Crossing the Reisa River on the new bridge